Getting a health check up on your toilet, this is the propositions from the company “Heart Health Intelligence” (, a start venture based in the Rochester Institute of Technology.

This team of Rochester Institute of Technology researchers has engineered a toilet seat that detects a number of vital measures, including “electrical and mechanical activity of the heart”, meaning that it can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation levels, and the patient’s weight. According to the researchers it can measure the stroke volume, a measure of the amount of blood pumped out of the heart at every beat.
The primary aim of this toilet seat, is to monitor the health of persons with congestive heart failure, a group of people with high level of relapse into serious health problems and readmissions into hospital care. The toilet seat would provide warning signals about the health status, and give opportunity to changes in advices and prescription of medicine that might prevent a deterioration of the heart problems.


This solutions seems as very powerful device for measuring health in general, and would probably come in as good tool for many chronic health conditions. This general health check method do point to a very important aspect on health advices and following doctors order. There is a problem of adherence to what is good advice, and the toilet monitor would be something that would something hard to miss out of using. To make it easy to work for a personal good health is important, however there is no report on any every day end user interface, that could provide direct advices. The price tag of 1500 USD also point towards a more professional care area of application.